Thanks to our skilled team of professional linguists with a range of backgrounds, we work with clients across many industries.


It goes without saying that the automotive industry has an extremely technical nature. As a result, a skilled specialist translator is required when handling translated content. Technical translation services are essential to preserve the exact meaning of automotive terms. Manuals, parts designations, performance, environmental costs and fuel consumption data, and prototype vehicle code names all require accuracy in translation. This is especially important in this modern world where automotive companies are multinational industries.

When it comes to automotive marketing, having excellent translation services at your disposal is paramount. This industry is an especially information-driven one, therefore, brand messages have to resonate with an audience in different target countries without losing the message of the brand. From MPG to RPM and beyond, it’s essential that automotive documentation is fluent in a wide variety of languages. This is where our skilled native speakers can assist. Thanks to their background in the industry and their professional translation skills, they can ensure complete fluency and accuracy. They have extensive experience across design and engineering disciplines and a strong track record of translation in the automotive sector. Whatever your deadline, you can be confident that our team are in the best position to help.

Medical And Healthcare

One sector in which translation services have proven to be indispensable is the healthcare industry. We are proud of our team of expert, highly qualified medical translators here at MaxLingo. They combine their special linguistic and medical knowledge to provide outstanding medical translation services. From decoding departmental communications to transcribing medical interviews, we can translate healthcare reports in a variety of formats.

Medical translation takes many forms. From factsheets and clinical trials to pharmaceutical surveys and disease leaflets, healthcare documents must be understood by a global audience. As medical information is shared by professionals around the world, accuracy couldn’t be more important.

It’s clear that the medical and healthcare sector uses extremely technical, precise, and complex terminology. Due to the sensitive nature of the content it’s also vital that our translators get it right every time. Even a small error in translation could cause major problems or impart entirely incorrect information. Therefore, having native speakers with an understanding of the sector is vital. This is where we can help.

Thanks to our speedy, accurate work, our team of medical translators help clients with a broad spectrum of medical translations. Working with clinics, hospitals, laboratories, and pharmaceutical companies, our experienced professionals deliver excellent results.


There are few industries that have changed more quickly that the electronics sector over recent years. With this in mind, it’s important to choose an energetic and forward-thinking translation company that is capable of keeping up. Here at MaxLingo, we’re proud to fit the bill.

From small consumer electronics to industrial equipment, the electronics sector is a global one. Component manufacturing, design, packaging, sales, distribution, and assembly regularly happen across borders. This means communication must be effective across the supply chain. This is made more complex by the fact that terminology in this industry is very technical. Buyers of electronic products need to understand the documentation they are supplied with. Clear and accurate operating instructions are vital in both the industrial and consumer market. These can only be translated by skilled native speakers with experience in the sector.

We have an experienced team of skilled translators with expertise in the electronics industry. With engineers, developers, and designers on board, we have the necessary knowledge of the subject matter. That means we can provide accurate and authentic translations for a wide range of purposes. From help files and user manuals to development reports and CAD documentation, we are able to assist.


One of the most technical translation fields has to be the legal sector. Translation of legal documents is something that should only be tackled by a native speaker with expertise in the field. Fortunately, we can assist thanks to the experience and diverse backgrounds of our translation team. Not only do we have professional linguists onboard, we also have individuals with experience in this specialist sector. Therefore, we can guarantee you excellent results, whether you need fluent translation of a contract or of a court transcript.

Of course, confidentiality is also key when handling legal translations. Rest assured that we can guarantee you complete peace of mind in this regard. We respect our clients’ confidentiality at all times, while bridging language gaps when dealing with complex legal matters.

The use of precise and accurate terminology is imperative when dealing with legal translation. Yet this isn’t the only consideration. It’s also important to bear in mind the legal guidelines and culture in the global marketplace. With this in mind, our native translators with their legal background are the best choice for the job. Thanks to their comprehensive understanding of legal matters, they continue to impress our clients with their outstanding results.


We provide accurate and authentic marketing translations that are tailored to meet the needs of your market segment. Not only is our work accurate, it’s also adjusted to suit the culture and customs of the target market. We use consistent and appropriate terminology for every business industry, thanks to the expertise of our experienced professional translators. This means we won’t just translate your taglines and campaigns word-for-word. Rather, we’ll ensure your brand message applies and appeals to the specific global market you’re targeting. This is the advantage of using our team of native speakers. We have an in-depth understanding of the needs of customers in the countries where you’re marketing. This means our transcreation services are second to none, giving you the best chance of launching successful campaigns.

Our team of professional linguists and marketing experts can convey your retail campaign message effectively and efficiently. As a result, you’ll receive a higher response rate as well as a better return on your investment. We know that it can be difficult to deliver your campaign message to a worldwide audience, but thanks to our confidence and experience, you can be sure that your marketing materials are in very safe hands.


These days, organisations face numerous challenges, but globalisation and the opening of overseas markets are among the most daunting. Commercial translation services are therefore vital for companies entering brand new international markets. If your company is working to forge relationships with organisations, suppliers, clients and partners from other countries, we can help.

Communicating your business strategies efficiently and rigorously in a range of languages is essential in commercial translation. It goes without saying that companies that are able to do this will be most successful in achieving their goals. This is where MaxLingo can assist. Our team of highly experienced professional translators with a commercial background know how to adapt your brand message effectively. As native speakers with an in-depth knowledge of the cultures you’re targeting, we can ensure your message is clearly understood. We’ll ensure the language localisms and tone are adapted to appeal to your target market.

From emails, invoices, claims and letters to internal documents, briefings, presentations and advertisements, our translation service is here to help. Since your commercial translation will give overseas customers their first impression of your company, excellent results are key. You can count on us to deliver excellence each and every time.