Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE)

MTPE or Machine Translation Post Editing is a popular service that we provide to our clients. Sometimes known as instant, automatic, or automated translation, MT is a process where translation is carried out by computers. These days, it has become quite popular because of the increased international audience that companies are marketing to. Unfortunately though, machines are not yet able to create the same level of natural text as a human native speaker. Machine Translation isn’t flawless. Therefore, it needs professional linguists and translators to create a final, perfect, result. Reviewing, rearranging and correcting MT output is a process known as post-editing. This is where we can help. With our team of native speakers from Europe and the Middle East, we can carry out this process efficiently.

We place our focus on syntactic, grammatical, spelling, semantic, hyphenation and punctuation errors in machine translated text. We also make sure that key terms have been accurately translated to resonate with your target audience. We’ll ensure no data has unintentionally been excluded, and we’ll amend any culturally inappropriate concepts. In short, our translation team form the vital final step in your machine translation process, keeping your content high-quality.

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