We can help you to turn any audio into simple and clear text to suit your needs. We know it’s time consuming to take an audio entry and translate it to the highest standards. That’s why our professional team of linguists are on hand to assist. We can transcribe your audio perfectly into subtitles, so no key points are missed. Not only can we transcribe video or audio files into text, we can translate text into the languages you need. Of course, it goes without saying that the text will be clearly formatted and easy to understand.

Luckily, as our team is composed of native speakers and engineers, you can count on us for a great translation accuracy and fluency as well as embedding the subtitles on its original videos. We’ll ensure that your subtitles read just as naturally in your target language as they did in the original. We’ll use culturally appropriate language and colloquial terms when necessary. As a result, the final product will be flawless and easy to understand. It’s never been easier to appeal to an international market.

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