The MaxLingo team is proud to be a top choice for transcription services across a range of languages and industries.

Transcription services involve converting dictated audio recordings into a written text, while maintaining the integrity of the message as intended. Typically, dictation is chosen because it’s convenient and speedy, while typing out content manually is slow and challenging. Unfortunately, though, having content in an audio format is pointless when the message needs to be in a written format. Enter our team of talented professional linguists with expertise in the field.

It’s vital that translators working on transcription translations are native speakers with specific industry knowledge. Re-listening to different sections of audio is a challenging process and ensuring accuracy of spoken terms is paramount. Luckily, our team have extensive expertise in this area. Whether handling regional accents or technical terminology, we have the necessary skills to produce impressive results.

We’ll work closely with you to ensure we know your precise requirements. Whether you’re looking for a non-edited, literal transcription translation, or whether you need stylistic and grammatical improvements, we can help. With our specialist linguists on board, you can be confident that the outcome will be just what you need.

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